Client Testimonials

Greg guided the construction of our 900 square foot addition from start to finish.  He assisted us with early planning; overseeing the preparation of our construction document with a local architect; and helped us maneuver the local permitting process with ease.  Greg brings a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of the construction process. He talked us through each step and helped us keep the project on schedule.  One quality that Greg has is he is always on time.  If he says he will be at your home at 8:00 AM to start the day he will be there- on time!   This is rare in the field of construction.  Greg is a great solution if you want to do some of the work yourself.  In my case, I handled much of the finish work included flooring, tiling, minor plumbing, and electrical. He was always available if I had questions or needed advice on proper construction methods.

-David G.


Greg was instrumental in my owner build project.  He assisted in my project to build a detached 2 car garage/shop from initial concept, thru all the critical phases of construction, to Final inspection/occupancy.

Initially, I consulted Greg in the planning stage and he helped me site and size my shop to fit into my small subdivision lot with setbacks and easements, to make sure that the plan would meet all requirements and avoid a costly variance process.

Greg, set me up with a local Drafter/Architect to perform the plans and a structural Engineer for the specialty design requirements that were inexpensive and efficient.  

Upon, the building permit being issued, Greg performed periodic site visits to make sure that the foundation excavation, form boards and reinforcing steel met county requirements prior to inspection.  In addition, Greg choreographed the entire concrete placement by coordinating the concrete delivery, pump truck and finishers.

Greg helped interpret the drawings on complex framing and electrical issues.  When a drywall installer was needed, Greg helped coordinate that as well.

Greg was there prior to all inspections, to make sure that there was no bad construction or mistakes made that would have set the project back – he kept this project on schedule and below budget.

There was no detail too small, that Greg could not take the time to answer and his assistance made our owner builder project successful.

I would highly recommend Greg for his construction consultant services for any construction project.

-Paul M.


Time, money and so much stress. That’s what I could have saved myself if I had Greg on my side earlier in the process of rebuilding my garage. First, the permit process was incredibly difficult, and I was lost in a labyrinth of email messages, phone calls, extensions, and confusing/conflicting responses; that was just finding out if I COULD pull a permit to rebuild my garage, because it was from the 1930s and was built too close to the property line by today’s standards. If I had Greg on my side, he could have helped me navigate that process, as I didn’t even know the right people to contact or the right phrases to use to get to the correct people at PRMD. Finally, luckily, I hired a local draftsman who helped, but so much time and stress could have been avoided. 

In drawing up plans, Greg would have been a great advocate. I didn’t know that once plans are drawn, submitted, and approved, you are really locked into the details. Greg could have saved me money by looking over the plans and adjusting them to save me money in the long run.

I tried to do what any homeowner has been advised to do. I contacted five contractors…three were interested and I gave them copies of the plans so they could make a bid. I took the “one in the middle.” I was asked for money, and I gave it to the contractor. A little work was done, then I was asked for more money. The time line began to stretch out for weeks, because the work crew showed up so infrequently. I was told that no more work could be completed because they were out of money, and all I had was a demoed garage, flattened dirt and a repaired wall. I gave more money to get the foundation poured. I was now in 30,000 of a 45,000 dollar bid, and the cement hadn’t even been poured. About this time, I met Greg. Out of neighborly concern, he began to look at the project and advise me. He educated me regarding what should be happening with the project, and where there was obvious incompetence on the part of the “contractor.” He advised me regarding laws about how real contractors take payments. He advised me to check into the licensing of the “contractor,” and I discovered that contractor was a fraud! When he came to pour the cement, I confronted the issue, but he already had my money. After pouring the cement, the fraudulent “contractor” disappeared and abandoned the project, and my money went with him. Greg helped me contact the correct entities at the State Contractors Licensing Board and helped me provide the correct documentation. In retrospect, if I had Greg from the start, so many mistakes could have been avoided. Greg’s inherently helpful nature and 17 years of experience as an inspector would have been an incredible asset to guide me through this process. He is a great advocate for me, the undereducated and vulnerable consumer of services in the building industry, and has been so helpful in interpreting technical terminology (putting it into words I could understand). He has been a watchful advocate for me as builders, plumbers, electricians, painters become involved. I had no idea rebuilding a garage was such a complex process, and I had no idea how truly at risk I was as a consumer. I know that if I had Greg on my side from the start, I would have had a helpful guide to save me time, money and an incredible amount of stress.

-Jolene T.


My name is Don and I have a disabled son that has many electrical devices. A few years ago when we had the big fires in Northern California our power company shut off power twice and each time was without power for several days. Luckily, my son was in the hospital during this time. I purchased a generator that ran on natural gas and supplied as much electrical power as my power company did. They gave me three contractor names that would install it, but with all the homes that had burned, the contractors were so busy that they did not return my call. Greg had always said that if I needed any help to give him a call. After telling him what I needed he said he would call me back. About two hours later Greg called me and said that everything was set up to install the generator. He said that he would be over on Saturday to pour the cement pad. After a few days the cement dried and the electrical contractor came to install the generator. Then the plumber came and installed the plumbing for the natural gas. And after that, the contractor came back and tested out the system of automatic start and automatic shut-off and he agreed that it was working properly. 

If it wasn’t for Greg, I would not have known what to do. As the fires keep progressing over the years, it is assumed that the power will be shut off again at times. Thank you Greg for getting me out of a tough spot.

-Don W.